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This is the home of the Vindictus East server's friendliest and most dedicated group, Fallen. Our goal is to create of the most favorable guild and that everyone feel its at home

Our admins and members are helpful and polite, both inside and outside the community. We strive to create a community where fair play, loyalty, and respect are valued and where both the most grizzled veteran and the newest member feel equally at home. We take care of each other because that's what we think is fun and rewarding about being part of an online community.

We are an active group and we're here to enjoy the game so come play with us.

Creator of Fallen: Terrarage

Admins: Toki

Free free to add us or ask any questions you might have

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Blog 1: Vindictus: Editorial

tokister, Oct 17, 10 12:43 PM.

Vindictus: Editorial from Closed Beta Participant.

When people first hear the words "free" and "MMO" together in a sentence, as well as right next to each other, many people tend to shy away from whatever they're talking about. Many people believe that if it's not a pay-to-play MMO, it's going to suck. Despite there being pay-to-play MMOs that suck even more (I won't give any opini- Okay fine, FFXI), it seems that people don't like giving these free games a chance.

Not to mention that most MMOs are created in Korea and eventually licensed out to the rest of the world, often with translations horribly butchered and mangled. Probably the single most MMO turn-off of them all is the grind. Oh, the grind. The Koreans love it apparently, but not us in the US or Europe. We want to level at an even pace, not have to hunt thousands upon thousands of the same monster to level up once, and encouraging the mass genocide of a single humanoid race or extinction of an animal species. Also, most Korean MMOs usually have the same mechanics and gameplay as every other MMO: You click on a monster, and your charactervind_lann does battle with it. You wait until either one of you dies, then just repeat that a few thousand times. Sometimes you'll have to throw in a spell or skill or whatever in there, but it's all the same. There's rarely anything groundbreaking or totally unique, and even if it is, it's usually overshadowed by everything else. It's quite sad, really.

To be honest, I'm quite sure none of this applies to Vindictus, Nexon America's latest published MMO developed by devCat, developers of Mabinogi, with Vindictus being a prequel to Mabinogi. To begin, this game runs on the Source engine, which powers Valve's award-winning series' such as Half-Life (2), Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead (2). To most PC gamers, when you hear Source, you instantly think of highly sophisticated character animations, superb controls, and realistic physics. Now, realize that the Source engine has only been used in first-person shooters, and Vindictus is a third-person hack-and-slash. devCat licensed the Source engine and built the MMO off it, applying everything you know and love (and probably hate) about it into their game. What you get is a highly addictive hack-and-slash with gorgeous visuals, great controls, excellent world physics, and overall amazing gameplay.

But enough about me praising the game, let's talk about what the game has to offer. When you first start, you can choose from one of two characters: Lann or Fiona. Lann would be considered the DPS hero of this game, as he has extremely speedy attacks and quick dashes to evade danger. Fiona would be considered the tank heroine of this game, boasting much higher defense values with better armor and a sword-and-shield weapon set, as well as being able to defend against most attacks using her shield, and being able to counter attacks when blocked at the right moment. At this time of writing, the mage heroine known as Evie has not been released in the US version of the game, but is said to be released as the first update in open beta. In the Korean version of the game, where it is known as Mabinogi: Heroes, Evie and the giant Karok are available, while the archer Kai is still in development.

vind_fionaAfter you get done with the prologue (basically the tutorial of the game, which greatly helps you get used to your character), you begin in the inn of the town of Colhen, where you get your first quest from the oracle, Tieve, as well as customize your character's physical features. She advises you to head to the Mercenary Outpost, so you do so. There, after a verbal war between two NPCs, you'll get a mission to train at the Perilous Ruins. You be instructed to head to the docks so you can board the boat to head to the mission area. The docks act like the mission hub, while the town act like the social hub, where you can buy items and craft weapons and armor.

When you board the boat and ship off to the location of your mission, you'll arrive shortly. This is where you will truly begin your journey in Vindictus. Unlike the prologue, you will take damage and lose health accordingly, so don't get cocky. It may seem like the game is easy at first, with enemies doing little damage to do, but you won't be living long if you expect the later enemies to be just as weak. Go through the ruins, killing enemies and finishing them so you can obtain items from them. When enemies die, they may have a floating label above them that says "Finish!". When you kick them or perform a Smash attack on them (explained during the first mission, the one you're on), they release what's known as an evil core, in which you can extract items from.

At the end of the first mission, you'll fight the area's boss. Depending on which difficulty you're playing on, the boss's health and health bar visibility will change. It shouldn't take too long to defeat the boss, if you evade its attacks and strike when it's vulnerable. When you kill it, the game will freeze frame, showing different angles of the defeated boss and you for cinematic effect. The boss will always drop 3 cores on Normal, 4 on Hard, and I'm not sure how many on Hero Mode. They might also drop a white core, which will have a rare item, but not on Normal.

Congratulations, you just beat your first vind_battleclearedmission in Vindictus, but there are many more to go, and more places to see and explore in the future. Many say while the gameplay is top-notch, it is repetitive in nature. I personally do not think so, and I believe that I will enjoy this game for many months to come, and I'm sure you will too. On October 6, the game will enter open beta, and will no longer require a beta key to enter the game. If you're lucky though, you might get a key so you can play a bit early before other people do!


tokister, Oct 15, 10 1:13 AM.

New Website

tokister, Oct 15, 10 12:41 AM.
Site created on October 14, 2010. Website is currently being worked on. More content and news will be added soon.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

unholytriedge, Oct 14, 10 11:06 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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